Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

Position Statement of the Society for Police & Criminal Psychology
June 8, 2020

We pledge to continue to work toward a day when the United States is seen as a model of a country whose legal system and shared cultural values lead to a peaceful society that supports the highest degree of liberty and respect for all individuals.

We must acknowledge that prejudice, bias, stereotypes, institutional and individual racism, and marginalization are pervasive throughout our society.  These factors make it impossible for every individual to be empowered to achieve their potential and to live without the fear that they might be a target for hate.

As Police and Public Safety Psychologists, we stand with those police agencies and officers who believe that law enforcement must contribute to the development of a better country by enforcing laws consistently and without bias, understanding diversity and inclusion, and demonstrating the highest respect for every individual.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have been working toward these goals for years.  This is a moment for further reform.  We need to create a better tomorrow for everyone.
Police and Public Safety Psychologists are ready to assist law enforcement to more effectively apply behavioral science to help us to achieve our shared aspirations.  We can work with agencies to evaluate and further improve hiring standards, selection procedures, training, supervision, policy development, and operations. 

We are prepared to assist law enforcement agencies in helping the United States of America to become a peaceful and orderly place where genuine equality and justice rule; a place where every person feels that they can safely call upon the police to protect their individual rights and serve their communities.


Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

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