Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

About the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology 

The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology is an eclectic professional organization that encourages the scientific study of police and criminal psychology and the application of scientific knowledge to problems in criminal justice. It focuses on law enforcement, judicial, and corrections elements in criminal justice. Members of the Society study the full range of human behaviors, motivations, and actions within the framework of the criminal justice system.  Consequently, the Society encourages input from psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, lawyers, police officers, corrections personnel, and other professionals concerned with the criminal justice system.


Membership is open to anyone interested in the field of Criminal Justice or related areas. There are no educational criteria for membership. Students may apply for membership at a reduced rate.

The Annual Conference

The Society sponsors an annual conference held during the Fall at varying locations. The conference focuses on the interface between criminal justice and the behavioral sciences. It includes presentations on international perspectives in policing, specialized police procedures and techniques, personnel decision-making issues in criminal justice agencies, the law and criminal justice, litigation issues, inmate populations, issues in probation and parole, and other issues affecting those in the criminal justice system.

The Journal

The Society publishes the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology through Springer Publications. The Journal is published four times per year and focuses on issues relevant to practitioners and academicians in the field of criminal justice. The Journal has a world-wide subscription base and a subscription is included with membership in the Society.

The Diplomate

Taking a lead in the field, the Society offers a Diplomate in Police Psychology. The Diplomate is designed to recognize the special expertise and contributions made by psychologists who work with law enforcement, as either clinicians or academics.

The Future

The interests of the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology are broad in scope. Our members play many roles in law enforcement and criminal justice and come from all over the world.  We are proud of our inclusive and eclectic philosophy, and believe that through our combined efforts we are well positioned to lead our field in research and the application of practical solutions in police and criminal psychology.  The Society supports the development of Police Psychology as a recognized specialty area, and the development of educational opportunities in the field. 


Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

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