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New Diplomates and Award Winners - 2017

New Diplomates

SPCP is pleased to announce that Drs. Kristen Beyer, Kammie Juzwin and Byron Greenberg are now Diplomates in the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology!

Award Winners

SPCP is pleased to announce that the following individuals received awards at the 2017 SPCP Conference in San Diego:

Cristina Ferrara received The Michael Serafino Award for Best Graduate Student Poster for “How Public Attitudes towards Police Influence Perceptions of the Use of Body Worn Cameras" (Co-authors: Karla Emeno, Holly Ellingwood, Elizabeth Schultheis, & Craig Bennell).

Amanda Powell received the Michael Serafino Award for Best Undergraduate Poster for "Influences on Juror Sentencing Decisions" (Co-authors:Megan Parker, Kethera Fogler, & JoAnne Brewster).

Johnathan Sharp and Lana Browning received the Edward O. Schaeffer Best Research Paper Award for “Citizen Video Journalism and Cynicism Toward Police in the United States: Results from a Study Examining Cynicism Toward the Police” (Co-author: Mara Merlino).

Lori Ann Dotson received the Eileen Gupton Best Professional Poster Award for “Decreasing Institutionalization for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with Severe and Challenging Behavior Through Criminal Justice and Community Service Partnerships”  (Co-author: Kathryn Edwards).

Natasha Korva received the Chris Hatcher New Vision Award for “What Not to Wear: Investigating the Effects of Uniform Colour and Accessories on Citizens’ Perceptions of Police Officers” (Co-authors Heather McGale, Brittany Blaskovits, Logan Russell-Ewanation, Simon Baldwin, & Craig Bennell).

Edna Reid received the Wilson Kimbrough Award for Scholarly Work in Psychology and Criminal Justice with an Applied Focus for "Cyberattacks of Democratic Natinal Committee (DNC) during 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Social and Psychological Lessons Learned”

Jason Roach received the Wayman Mullins Best Journal Article Award for “Dealing with the Unthinkable: A Study of the Cognitive and Emotional Stress of Adult and Child Homicide Investigations on Police Investigators” (Co-authors:Ashley Cartwright and Kathryn Sharratt).

Robin Inwald and Tammy McCoy-Arballo received the Davis Award for “Screening Profiles and Vicarious Trauma of First Responders, Police, Chiefs, and Firefighters (Qualified for POST CEUs)” (Co-author: Penny Dralle).

Jim Turner was posthumously named the first winner of the Jim Turner Mentorship Award. 


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